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Hey sports fan, primarily sports fans who like good design and find it hard to find hat designs that don't make you look like a kid. Too bright of colours, cartoony logos. Not here. 

El Cappo makes caps that are retro inspired and font driven. If this can be done right, I believe it will create hats that you can wear anywhere. From the stadium to the bar, showoff your team choices in a stylistic way. 

I'm an NFL fan first and foremost, so have started with the NFL collection. 

Each team hat design is based around the below traits...

  • 2 colours = Classic Black and an Alternate that suits each team
  • Unique font for each team (more on this selection process in another post)
  • El Cappo only uses Yupoong Classic SnapBacks for now. They’re the best snapbacks on the market. They fit everyone - believe me. 
  • The caps have a green undervisor, and I wouldn't want it any other way

Next up on the schedule are to have the NBA, NHL, and MLB collections designed by the end of January 2023. 

If you're reading this, respect. This started as a fun way for me to utilize my graphic design skills, and design hats that I feel good wearing. 

If they resonate with you, that's awesome. Please share around.

I truly believe sports apparel designs should be more fan driven. Fans know what they want more than anyone, and fanbases are so diverse. One day, I hope there's a better way to get fans involved in designing gear. 

For now though, El Cappo will be here to design dope sports hats that you can wear anywhere.

- Shawn @El_Cappo_Athletics


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