The Toronto Raptors Font Has Been Selected ☑️

The Toronto Raptors Font Has Been Selected ☑️

So, I’m currently in the process of selecting all fonts and designing all hats for the NBA, NHL, and MLB. I’ve currently got all font sets selected for review and narrow down. 

During this process, I had the need to finalize the Toronto Raptors snapback before any others.

1. I’m based in Toronto. The Raptors are THE squad.

2. I have a buddy that needs one asap.

So - first step was narrowing down the font selection. It went from 5 fonts to 2, and that’s when I asked for some feedback. Feedback is the best thing out there. Use it. 

Here’s the final two fonts going head to head…

After some back and forth with many contacts, it was unanimous. The font below won the tourney, and I’m definitely cool that it did.

The aim at El Cappo is to focus the designs purely on fonts. Fonts that are both - retro inspired + team specific. By team specific, I mean the font should represent that team in “some” way. That could mean so many things, from just a classic and simple font look because they have been around forever (ie Packers) to a more flowing script like font (ie Lions). When you review a list of fonts for hours for each team, believe me, some just stand out and WORK. 

This is one main reason El Cappo exists. I truly believe the thought put into each team design is not done anywhere else, by any company or professional team.

When it comes to the Toronto Raptors hat, and the final font shown above - it hit these marks. 

Retro inspired? Yes. It’s an edgy type script font that is clean.

Team Specific? 100%. It embodies a prehistoric look if you ask me. All in all, it has Raptors written all over it.

It’s the final Raptors font, and thanks to everyone who helped pick it. 

This Raptors hat is not live and available yet. The NBA, NHL, and MLB collections will join the NFL hats and be live on the site soon. Hoping to have this complete by end of January. 

Hit up the site here to start browsing the sports hats “you can wear anywhere” ✌️  

Shawn @el_cappo_athletics

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