Want to be Part of the Toronto Raptors Hat Design?

So, I’ve selected the first round of fonts for all 30 NBA teams. 

Depending on what stood out, some teams have 2 choices, while some have 6 fonts that “could” be the final design. 

As El Cappo is all about fan designs and community, I’m open to feedback on what you feel stands out in terms of the best fonts to use for the NBA Hat Collections. 

Let’s start with the Toronto Raptors. Why, because I’m from Toronto. Simple haha. 

Out of the 3 fonts below, which font stands out the most for the Toronto Raptors? Reminder, we’re aiming for retro inspired designs, but they should also still “speak” to each team on a unique level. Fonts baby, they can get pretty personal without even understanding fully why 💭

Toronto Raptors - which font do yah got!?

Appreciate all of you and let’s design some dope NBA snapbacks that can be worn anywhere.

- Shawn @el_cappo_athletics 

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1st one in my mind. Classic and flowing. The second does speak to the more prehistoric design, although not as retro.

Raps Fan

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